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Keith R Wilson has worked with people who have hurt and been hurt by others for over thirty years as a therapist in Rochester, NY.

His blog and more information about his practice and can be found at www.keithwilsoncounseling.com

He is the author of three other books:

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Constructive Conflict: Building Something Good Out of All Those Arguments

Conflict in relationships is inevitable. If you haven’t had a conflict yet, you haven’t been paying attention.

Communication increases conflict. If you haven’t had a conflict yet, you haven’t really been talking.

Conflict is the beginning of a real relationship, not the end. If you haven’t had a conflict yet, you haven’t been real.

 Violence is not conflict. Violence is conflict avoidance.

Conflict is like electricity, it can turn on a light, power change, or burn down the house.
To enjoy the benefits of conflict, you need to know how to regulate it.
A short book, packed with wisdom, disarming humor, and refreshing directness, Constructive Conflict shows how you can manage your conflicts.


And two novels

Cover Intersections


Middle-aged, obese, depressed, and estranged from his children, Larry sets off cross country, ambivalently seeking restoration amid scraps of long-distance fatherhood. Intersections takes unexpected turns on a journey from despair to re-enchantment, from loneliness to reconciliation, from the carnal to the transcendent and back again.

fates janitors(1)

Fate’s Janitors: Mopping Up Madness at a Mental Health Clinic

What happens when a famed, but fanatical psychologist secretly enlists a group of self-absorbed psychotherapists in an audacious revolt against the health care system? Fate’s Janitors takes the reader inside the mental health and addiction industry; where talk, noisy breath exhaled, is marketed as a precious healing salve. A perennial student must complete a counseling internship at an outpatient mental health clinic. His supervisor, a recovering addict, and former outlaw biker, is less than thrilled about having an intern tagging along. The clinic is treated like an ignored appendage to the medical center, which in turn has been taken over by a giant corporation. The renowned psychologist, Dr Ahern, is appointed director, but when the great man at last makes an appearance, he delivers outlandish orders to the staff and bribes them to lie to insurance companies, deceive regulators, and bamboozle auditors.



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