Introduction to the Road to Reconciliation



This manuscript, The Road to Reconciliation, is still under construction; but you can get pretty far with it if you don’t mind that it needs editing, proofing, reformatting, and references, and is unfinished. If you send me helpful comments, constructive feedback, and encouragement, you can say you participated in the creation of a book.

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The book is best read from start to finish because I’m describing a process you go through as you travel down the road to reconciliation, starting from the point where you feel like a victim. That’s where we always start, in feeling like a victim. I’ll have you take stock of your injuries and help with the feelings that seem to take control away from you. We’ll consider the pros and cons of retaliation. I’ll urge you to look at the context of the offense and take responsibility for your own part of the problem. I’ll explain the process of reparation that your offender should go through. if you find you have some fessing up to do, you can go through it, too. Finally, I discuss the ins and outs of seeking justice and how to get what you want.

In the part of the book I’m writing now, that has yet to be posted, I discuss the tougher cases, where the problems causing injury are more persistent. Later, I plan to tackle the situations where you can’t make it all the way to reconciliation because the person who harmed you is unable or unwilling to go.

As I said, the book is best read from start to finish, but, if you’d like to navigate through it, here’s the table of contents:

Table of Contents