The Road to Reconciliation


Part One of The Road to Reconciliation: The Victim’s Guide to Peace and Harmony, describes a path towards healing and forgiveness for anyone who’s been in a relationship with someone cruel, violent, abusive, narcissistic, adulterous, selfish, untrustworthy, vindictive, demanding, or simply disappointing.

It guides the reader on how to assess the damage done, warns of the perils on the way from injury to peace, and identifies patterns of harm caused by mental illness, personality disorder, and addictions. It gives practical advice on how to find safety, assert needs, and promote change.

The Victim’s Guide is almost done. It’s going through the final stages of editing, proofing, reformatting, and referencing. If you’d like to read it at this stage, here is a pdf of the manuscript:

Victim’s Guide

Part Two of The Road to Reconciliation will probably be a second volume, describing a path towards healing and forgiveness for anyone who feels guilty and wants to repair what they damaged. This Guidebook for the Guilty is less complete; but, if you’d like to see what I have, then take a look at these sections:

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